Whether Euroworkspace are providing you with products, an interior fit-out or consultancy, we aim for 100% satisfaction. It’s all part of the promise that we make to you, the customer, putting you first. Wherever you are, we are there to help. We have a great amount of experience in creating agile working environments along with activity based furntiure. We will help you to find the most appropriate and effective way of organising your office space into an agile working environment, allowing your employees complete flexibility with access to a workspace and technology that has been designed to include all the equipment and space they need, but more importantly, when they need it. 


Keys are still supplied on the vast majority of standard locks (SKT). They have been used for thousands or years and will not be going out of fashion just yet. Each unit has its own key which is uniquely matched to the lock. Master keys are available for facility managers to control access issues and ensure security. No batteries, no cards to lose and standardisation throughout. Master locks for managers and user locks for employees.

Push-button Technology (PBT) has been developed following demand from customers to provide a more simplistic and easier operation for their storage with enhanced security. Choice of either a simple keypad numbered 1 to 4 for simple numeric entry or a 1 to 9 numeric entry. All user codes can be re-programmed easily and changed with minimal training required. Management access available either as an override code or with a dedicated interface key. When a user leaves – simply reset the lock and its ready for the new user. Audible alarm when low voltage is identified. Can be specified in either fixed (permanent use) or shared (dynamic use).

Finger-print Technology (FPT) has been developed so as you don’t need to take anything with you, it sets you free of keys or cards and you will always have it with you. Using your bio-metric patterns created from your unique DNA strand the fingerprint recognition cannot be duplicated. Swipe finger over sensor to open or lock. Cannot be lost or stolen. Alarm sounds and an LED light illuminates if the wrong person tries the lock. Allows the user to have their own freedom. Cannot be duplicated or changed.

Smart phone Technology (SPT) is always evolving, locks no longer use keys or cards, interaction with a SMART phone is how to release your intelligent storage potential and maximise cost savings. Control any locker from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Basic usage information and commands at your fingertips. Lock and unlock - You can unlock a locker with one click. When a door is closed, the locker wil lock itself. Set availability - Make a locker unavailable by deactivating it. Assign and release - A dynamic locker where multiple people can use it – has a temporary owner, called the assigned user. By releasing the locker, ownership is ended.

Card-reader Technology (CRT) has been developed to offer a contactless method of locking, to work seamlessly alongside existing access card systems - providing a one card fits all approach. Using radio frequency identification (RFID) the locks work with an access card’s unique number to send a locking signal to the product eliminates the need tor traditional and expensive ways of locking away valuables. Card is programmed uniquely for each user by the manager . Allows for cards to be easily re-programmed if lost or stolen & alarm sounds & an LED illuminates if the wrong card is used . Batteries can be easily accessed for replacement & emergency battery connection available should the battery fail.


There are a number of possible options available on locks which can become a little confusing. For advice on which locks to choose please contact us. Whether the locks are to be used as shared use or single user, whether you need a 4 digit or 10 digit lock or even need to know what are the benefits of these different types of locks just give us a call. If you are unsure of any aspect of your chosen lock just contact us on the number above and we will endeavour to help you make the right choice when it comes to locks.


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