Height adjustable desking

Our sit stand desk solution

CLIMB is a flexible sit stand desking solution available in a variety of widths. The frame comes in three colours – white, black and silver, and with our large range of melamine finishes we're confident we can find a desk top finish that fits with your current or new office environment. We are also able to supply non-standard melamine tops, as well as laminate and real wood veneers in various sizes and thicknesses.

Keep your new workstation looking smart with our range of easy-to-use accessories including desk bins, cable trays and drawers.  

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Why choose a sit stand desk?

Trying to look after your staff is almost a full-time job, making sure they have the best working environment is crucial to maximising productivity for your business – sitting for long periods has been proven to be unhealthy for both mind and body.

Allowing staff to be able to work from a height adjustable desk allows them the opportunity to move away from their chair and stretch their body when they choose. 

Human Resources (HR) departments often struggle to find the correct desk for short and tall people, as well as those who have musculoskeletal conditions or require the use of a wheelchair. Having the flexibility of a motorised standing desk enables any employee to adjust their environment to their personal circumstances and get on with their job, allowing HR to focus on other things. 

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